Tinder x Clubhouse
Tinder would partner with emerging audio-first platform Clubhouse to host rooms branded as "Tinder Talks". These rooms will host live discussions surrounding many important societal topics that matter to members of Gen Z. We will partner with education, advocacy, and life-style influencers to speak in the rooms and encourage Tinder users to discover something new about themselves.
Videos will be placed on YouTube as pre-roll ads highlighting some of the conversations with featured guest speakers and other distinguished invitees. Clubhouse is currently an invite-only platform, but is exponentially growing and expected to be a public forum in the future. With audio-first platforms quickly gaining popularity, it is anticipated that this app will be the future of broadcasting social networks. This is an opportunity Tinder won’t want to miss out on.
Out of Home
Tinder Tells
We would introduce interactive digital billboards strategically placed in locations like New York City and Chicago branded as, “Tinder Tells.” Through Tinder's Twitter account, we will post weekly prompts using the hashtag #TinderTells. Users will then tweet their responses to our prompt back at us. We’re giving our audience the spotlight to tell it all. We will then pick our favorite stories and share them with the world on our digital billboards. We want to show people that every chance they take on Tinder can have comical, exhilarating, and unforgettable outcomes.
Web & Social
Paid Ads
Members of Gen Z are constantly present across digital platforms, so we are going to meet them on their favorite sites and Instagram feeds.
Programmatic Ads
Using geo-fenced programmatic ads, we will show how many people are on Tinder, real-time, within a 10 miles radius.

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